Handmade, high quality finished reeds by Natalie Law.  Available for all ages and levels of bassoonists.  Customization options available.

Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your order to be processed before it is shipped.

Please indicate in the order notes what level of player the reed is for (i.e. beginning, intermediate, advanced).  This will help Natalie customize the reed to meet the player's needs.  For example, a beginner's reed will be more responsive and easy to play.  Feel free to also include any information about what you might be struggling with or looking for in your reeds (i.e. "I struggle with response in my low register" or "I tend to play very sharp in general").

Nearly any aspect of the reed can be customized as needed.  Simply indicate what changes you would like in the order notes when you checkout, and Natalie will work to accommodate you.  The reeds are finished with a modified "Garfield Style" scrape, which is typically characterized as a light and responsive reed style.

Thread material: cotton

Thread coating: beeswax


All reeds are fully refundable within 30 days from the date of purchase.  Simply contact to let Natalie know that you are dissatisfied with your order and you will receive a replacement or a full refund.