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Have you ever thought of a warm-up routine as life changing? Probably not! However for me, when I started incorporating this warm-up routine into my daily practice, I started to notice significant improvements in my playing within a few weeks. I noticed that certain technical passages became easier on the bassoon, my intonation started to become more consistent, and most importantly, I began to hear things differently.

I’ve been using this approach to warming up for years now, and I still find myself learning and improving aspects of my playing. This approach is not just about how to physically warm up on the bassoon, it’s about mentally warming up as well (equally important!) so that you have a healthy and productive practice session. I encourage you to check this out and to incorporate it into your own playing.

In this video, I talk about:

  • Why you need a warm-up routine
  • My warm-up routine
  • How to make your own warm-up routine
  • Action steps to start incorporating your warm-up routine into your everyday playing

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