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Unit 1: Bassoon Basics

Learn the basics of playing the bassoon including: equipment, posture, breathing, assembly/disassembly, embouchure, articulation, and how to properly hold the instrument. 


There is a list of essential equipment that you need every single time you play bassoon.  Watch the video to learn important information about this equipment and make sure you can check everything off the list! 

Can you check everything off of The Bassoonist’s Checklist?

Functioning Bassoon
Seat Strap
Water Container

Posture and Breathing

Having good posture and breath/air support is a critical element to playing the bassoon well.  Watch the video and then see how well you do at the breathing game below! 

How long can you keep your air going?

Breathe in for 4 seconds, then start the timer and see how long you can exhale.  Repeat three times and see if you can beat your score!

Assembly and Disassembly

Learn how to put the bassoon together correctly!

Can you put the bassoon together in the correct order? 

Drag the parts of the bassoon on the right over to the box on the left in the correct order.  

Tip: You should hear a snapping sound once each part is in the correct spot, or else the game won’t register your points.  

Learn how to take the bassoon apart and how to swab it correctly so that it stays in good condition. 

Embouchure and Articulation

Embouchure (aam·boo·shoor) describes how your mouth fits around the reed in order to help control the sound.  

Articulation is another word for “tonguing” and describes how your tongue comes into contact with the reed so that you can separate the sounds.  

Play Along: Reed Only

Let’s make some sounds on the reed!  Follow along with Natalie in the video and repeat the sounds that you hear! 

How to Hold the Bassoon

Learn how to hold the bassoon correctly while you’re sitting down! 

All finished? Head on over to Unit 2!