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About Natalie

Dr. Natalie Law enjoys a diverse career as a bassoonist and educator.  She performs in both orchestral halls as well as in elementary school gymnasiums.  Natalie believes that positive change begins with education and primarily focuses on her work as a teacher.  Her passion for education has led her to create innovative methods of teaching bassoon students through online mediums.

Natalie most recently served as Principal Bassoonist of the Great Falls Symphony and their resident wind quintet, the Chinook Winds, in Great Falls, MT.  Natalie is a founding member of the Lansing, MI-based woodwind quintet, Pure Winds, which was named a finalist for The American Prize and can be heard on their debut album under the Orpheus Classical label.  She has toured the United States as a performing artist and clinician at numerous institutions and at conferences such as the Midwest Clinic and the International Double Reed Society Conference.  Natalie completed her Doctor of Musical Arts degree as a graduate teaching assistant at Michigan State University, where she also obtained her Master’s degree in bassoon performance.  She completed her Bachelor’s degrees in bassoon performance and music education at the University of Montana.  She is grateful to all her teachers and mentors, who have included Michael Kroth, Dorian Antipa, Elizabeth Crawford, and Jennifer Cavanaugh.  

Natalie is passionate about teaching bassoonists.  Having grown up in rural Montana without a bassoon teacher for over hundred miles, she understands the need for high quality and accessible online resources.  That is why she founded and created Building a Bassoonist: to help students feel confident, successful, and enjoy learning this amazing instrument!